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Melodrip Coffee Stir Sticks

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Size 5 Stir Sticks

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Melodrip Lab Glass Stir Stick - 5 PACK for Kubomi


The highest quality borosilicate glass stirring rods we've found for creating a perfect Kubomi (Divet for quick and even saturation), stirring and inspecting the coffee bloom. Both tips are perfectly rounded without imperfections (chips, disfigurement, bubbling, common defects we've found from majority of bulk retailers.)
We've tested every size out there, and this one is the easiest to use for eliminating dry clumping and evenly saturating without overly agitating the coffee slurry.
Resistant to high temperature fluctuations, odor and stain resistant, which makes it perfect for beverage preparation.
(6" L) 150mm x 6mm Borosilicate Glass 12.5g