melodrip co.


When we brew, we don’t control coffee, it’s usually the other way around.

I realized early in my brewing journey that good coffee doesn’t like being forced into conformity. Whether being shattered into trillions of uneven particles when ground, or swirled randomly inside a brewer with a kettle pour, coffee behaves the way it wants to, whether or not our intentions are scientific or purely casual. 

It was then, when I began to question the concept of “precision” in coffee brewing, and the tools and methods that claimed to do the job accordingly. I started to focus less on variables we can control, and more on those we can’t control. 

I’ve spent years testing, documenting, and understanding every subcomponent of various pourover techniques, and I soon realized that pouring water was a process that contributed to the highest amount of variability in the slurry. 

Hydration, saturation, temperature distribution, and agitation… After observing and measuring the effects of these techniques, it was clear that in many cases, the gooseneck kettle alone was not capable of fully controlling these variables with precision.  Especially in regards to controlling agitation. 

So I started making various prototypes assembled from petri dishes, kitchen utensils, lab gear, and hardware paraphernalia, then MD was born. 

In 2015, In early 2016 year, I decided to take the next step and take this project on full time, not only to realize the potential of melodrip, but to share it first hand with the public and exchange ideas on this new way of brewing. 

So I shared my theories and prototypes with two friends, Julie and Haomin, and immediately found myself establishing a partnership that was to become our company - melodrip co. 

We invested our time and money, and exhausted our passions and expertise to develop a multitude of prototype dishes and handles.  We spent countless hours of testing and developing recipes that would work with the myriad of home and professional 'setups'.  Then in early 2016, melodrip finally went into production. 

We created a limited number of fully operational "beta test" versions of melodrip, created packaging, some early instructions, then hand assembled and sent them around the world.  Entirely self funded.

We immediately gained worldwide interest, garnering attention from the professional and enthusiast community, have been featured in major media outlets, and had the opportunity to be used in competitions.  

Since the launch of our world wide beta test, we've had an overwhelming demand from the coffee community. This gave us the confidence and support to get here!  Now we're off to Kickstarter! 

We have arrived at a point where the concept and product was proven by some very discriminating people in coffee, and we are now excited to get melodrip into the hands of everyone else who has been eagerly waiting! 

We thank the community for both encouraging and championing innovation in the pursuit of education, refinement, and knowledge, and everyone else who has challenged the legitimacy of the melodrip method.  

You have all made us the company we are today.


melodrip co.

Ray Murakawa | Juliana Hung | Haomin Lo