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Here's the latest melodrip review from coffee pro "The Real Sprometheus". He goes into depth about our product and how it performs in the real world. You can also check out his coffee musings @sprometheus on instagram!


melodrip co.


Melodrip is a one of a kind tool that changes your KETTLE POUR from a conventional stream of water into a PRECISION POURING tool.

melodrip co.


Ground coffee contains trillions of tiny particles called "fines"- many of which are small enough to pass through the average filter paper.

By pouring with melodrip, you can control the turbulence that suspends these fines that can flow out of your brew and into your cup.

melodrip co.
melodrip co.


Ground coffee is often overlooked as it's role of secondary filtration in a POUROVER.

Often defined as "CAKE FILTRATION" larger sized coffee particles have the ability to retain a tremendous amount of fines as well.

And unlike a single stream of water, the even shower of a melodrip can preserve the structure of the ground coffee to keep fines where they belong -


melodrip co.
melodrip co.

The result is a coffee of unparalleled clarity and flavor transparency at high extractions.

melodrip co.
melodrip co.


Before we had a melodrip kickstarter campaign, we had a community of beta testers.  Their excitement, enthusiasm, and encouragement fueled our confidence to take melodrip toward full production.  Below are impressions from some of the most discriminating Home Brewers, Competitors, and Coffee Pros who were some of the first to try melodrip. 


Eka Suryadi Chandra/ @ekasuryadichandra

Title:Just a home brewer from Indonesia
Impressions:“The first tool that able to help brewing coffee cleaner and shows all the taste notes. With Melodrip, we can explore more on many brewing variables. Before melodrip, brewing with no agitation is not possible. But now we can control the agitation variables.”


Jewel Evans/ @jewelstar87

Title:Barista, Home-Brewer
Location:Quills Coffee, Louisville KY

Impressions:“I first heard about the melodrip earlier this year through a friend I follow on Instagram. I inquired about it, and a few weeks later, Ray sent a melodrip to Quills Coffee for us to use and try. I was able to take it home with me, and have since been using it in my brews at home. Ray was SO helpful as I was learning and practicing using the melodrip. My favorite experience came when he passed along some brew guides using the melodrip with an Aeropress. I was so surprised at how clean, bright, and sweet using the melodrip made the finished cup. It is an easy tool that has a profound effect on the clarity of coffees brewed, I recommend the melodrip to anyone who is seeking for greater clarity, sweetness and balance in their brews.”



Matt Leberman/ @mleberman

Title:3 time Brewers Cup competitor, Coffee Educator for Order & Chaos Coffee
Location:Baltimore, MD
Impressions:“First impressions were build quality. It has the feel of a precision dental tool, not some cheap plastic. I was very impressed by the attention to detail. This is the first time in manual coffee brewing, where you can minimize agitation. By doing this, you can keep the coffee bed in tact, and incorporate fresh brew water that'll sit on top. This allows the brew bed to act as a secondary filtration, and almost eliminate chances of channeling. The result is a much cleaner, crisper cup of coffee. Its much easier to replicate a brew. Its easier to manipulate variables. Where proof is in the pudding, the Melodrip was a big part of my Brewers Cup preliminary presentation, allowing me to advance onto semi finals.”



Sebastian Dahlin Lundbergh/ @sebastianscoffee

Title:Home brewer
Location:malmö, sweden
Impressions: “I had never before experimented with the level of agitation in my coffee, so the melodrip opened a whole new field for me. It has been so much fun and very interesting to see how different coffees are affected by being brewed using this tool. I have made it a thing to brew every coffee that passes through my kitchen using the melodrip at least once. I brew mostly light roasts and with the melodrip I get access to flavors that otherwise would have passed without making themselves known.”



Elika Liftee/ @elikaliftee

Title:Assistant Trainer, Competitor
Location:Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR
Impressions:“The melodrip is a device that changed the way I brew, and changed my expectations of manual brewed coffee. I've wanted some sort of a shower head for attachment to control flow rate, but the theories provided by Ray with the Melo were things I didn't expect. Clean brews, and repeatable results are music to my ears as a trainer and competitor. I'm excited to use the Melo and keep exploring all of the avenues that we can take it.”



Mike Flores/ @mikflores

Title:Home Brewer, Lifestyle Photographer
Location:Salt Lake City, Utah
Impressions:“Melodrip is not just a tool, it's a method. Being able to control agitation, and dial in that variable, you can get some crazy clean and nuanced cups. This brew method is blowing my mind, and makes me question assumptions we have when brewing coffee.”



Justin Goodhart/ @goodhartcoffee

Title:National Brewers Cup Finalist
Location:Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters/Goodhart Coffee, Colorado
Impressions:“I don’t think many people realize how easy it can be to overextract and choke a brew. Melodrip is the tool specialty coffee has needed for a long time. Melodrip will give you more control and precision in your brewing than you’ve probably ever had”


Kettle-pour agitation is essential, but only when skillfully applied.

The major drawback of the pouring kettle, is its inability to isolate the negative effects of agitation when applying heat and hydration (particle-suspension/ unintended spikes in extraction.)

It's great for dissolving solubles (tasties), but it's equally great at distributing insolubles (nasties).

melodrip co.
melodrip co.


Paper coffee filters are capable of retaining most particles larger than 20 microns.

Although this seems sufficient from a practical standpoint, a single dose of ground coffee can include a considerable volume of <20micron particles.

While suspended in fluid, these tiny particles are capable of flowing through the filter paper during the brewing process.

melodrip co.

[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade PT.1

Our concept behind flavor clarity is -

'To taste with minimal sensory interference.'

So our journey to optimize clarity started at the taste buds, and how to keep solids from interfering with what they do best.

{Pt.2 Next>}

[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade PT.2

We tested every major coffee filter on the market, and found that they all transferred a substantial volume of insoluble particles into the brew.

{Pt.3 Next>}

[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade Pt.3

Although the taste of these particles are difficult to isolate in an entire serving of coffee, they can accumulate onto taste receptors nonetheless, and obstruct our ability to detect flavors optimally.

(Shown are two 10ml Samples of insoluble sediment from two coffees *Left: w/out melodrip *Right: with melodrip)



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