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Brewing with melodrip delivers consistently extracted cups of pour over coffee with amazing flavor clarity.

How does it work?

Typical kettle pours cause turbulence that create malformations in the coffee slurry as water passes through the coffee grounds.

Pouring with melodrip ensures that all the water you pour is always traveling through a stable and symmetrical slurry for an extraction.

This allows your pours and recipes to be repeatable and your coffee to be consistently delicious.

You'll experience a silky body, heightened sweetness, and a brew with unparalleled flavor clarity.


Traditional kettle pours churn up micro-particles that clog and pass through filter paper. Melodrip's zero agitation shower eliminates this phenomena for an unbelievably cleaner and sweeter pour over brew.

Consistency In and Out
Consistency In and Out

Pouring too fast or too slow? Melodrip evens-out the spikes in your pour so flow rates are consistent going in and dripping out. 

Extract more with every pour
Extract more with every pour

The melodrip saturates gently without cratering or malforming the coffee bed, so water can percolate evenly through the slurry with every pour.

"Less bitterness and a sweeter, brighter cup"
"Expands ways that you can brew"
"It definitely had higher clarity-more delicate flavors forward"
"Melodrip is a cool gadget that lives up to its intentions."



"This tiny handheld tool punches way above its weight class and lends a level of clarity and sweetness in each cup that bare kettle pours only manage to dance around."


"The result is amazing! Cleaner, no sign of drying and a lingering finish!"


"Melodrip is a great tool to compensate the unreliable pouring with consistent pours through its showerhead like dish"


"Melodrip has become my new favorite coffee accessory.  It helps control the pour so much and leads to an incredibly clean and sweet cup of coffee."


"I can’t see myself making a pour over without using the melodrip.  The difference it makes in the cup is incredible.  Clean flavors with a consistent result everytime."

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Pour with a bare kettle to evenly saturate the dry coffee grounds.


Gently stir with the included glass stick to find any dry spots and ensure full saturation.


Hydrates evenly, reduces human error, and keeps micro particles and fines from flowing into your cup.


Enjoy the cleanest brew! Sweetness and Vibrancy are more defined with a Crisp and Silky mouthfeel.

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MELODRIP Benefits: even percolation for an even extraction


Percolation is the movement of fluid through a permeable substance. In coffee brewing, the more evenly water percolates, the more even the extraction. The Melodrip Pour Drain Rate (Blue) shows 100ml of water draining at an even rate from start to finish.

(1x 60ml Bloom, 3x 100ml Pours 24% EY | 20g Finely Ground Lt Roast)

Standard Kettle Pour
Standard Kettle Pour

This Bare Kettle pour shows the drain rate spike at the beginning of each pour then drastically decline while the pour is finishes. This demonstrates the uneven percolation rates when pouring without the melodrip.

(1x 60ml Bloom, 3x 100ml Pours 24% EY | 20g Finely Ground Lt Roast)


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2022 World Brewers Cup Runner Up Elika Liftee & melodrip "lift"

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The precision shower reduces turbulence and prevents micro-particles from flowing out of your brewer.

What you get is the cleanest tasting coffee imaginable!


Ground coffee's role of secondary filtration is often overlooked in a POUROVER.

Often defined as "CAKE FILTRATION" larger sized coffee particles can retain a tremendous amount of fines.

By reducing agitation and disturbance to the slurry, fines are less likely to flow and impact the porosity of the filter paper.

melodrip co.

The result is a coffee of unparalleled clarity and flavor transparency at high extractions

melodrip co.


Kettle-pour agitation is essential, but only when skillfully applied.

The major drawback of the pouring kettle, is its inability to isolate the negative effects of agitation when applying heat and hydration (particle-suspension/ unintended spikes in extraction.)

It's great for dissolving solubles (tasties), but it's equally great at distributing insolubles (nasties).

melodrip co.


Paper coffee filters are capable of retaining most particles larger than 20 microns.

Although this seems sufficient from a practical standpoint, a single dose of ground coffee can include a considerable volume of <20micron particles.

While suspended in fluid, these tiny particles are capable of flowing through the filter paper during the brewing process.

melodrip co.

[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade PT.1

Our concept behind flavor clarity is -

'To taste with minimal sensory interference.'

So our journey to optimize clarity started at the taste buds, and how to keep solids from interfering with what they do best.

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[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade PT.2

We tested every major coffee filter on the market, and found that they all transferred a substantial volume of insoluble particles into the brew.

{Pt.3 Next>}

[ISSUE.º3] Receptor Blockade Pt.3

Although the taste of these particles are difficult to isolate in an entire serving of coffee, they can accumulate onto taste receptors nonetheless, and obstruct our ability to detect flavors optimally.

(Shown are two 10ml Samples of insoluble sediment from two coffees *Left: w/out melodrip *Right: with melodrip)