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Origami Dripper + Wave Pointy Vs Flat Filters

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origami dripper

Watch the video here:

Does it matter? First off, Coffees. The coffee brewed here was a gift from coffee friend Max Phils (@phillzcoffee) roasted at @lovelesscoffees in N.Y. The Refisa Ethiopia brewed out notes of strawberry lemonade with chamomile and cacao on the nose with syrupy body when brewed on the Origami Dripper. 

On to the Filters, Pointy or Flat? I wanted to know which configuration was optimal, so I brewed 3 sets of the 2 configs side by side (on different days) comparing two. The Origami is that quiet kid who’s been on that new thing before everyone else, it’s elegantly designed to adapt to conical and wave filters perfectly- low key genius design. 

Using Melodrip Recipe S (BK 5x Dose Stir, BK 5x Dose, MD 5x Dose, MD to Ratio) one configuration was the clear winner for me.

Wave Pointy

*Averaged noticeably faster TBT and drain rates (~45sec-1min faster).

*Slightly less retention with every brew.

*Vibrant and well defined acidity, well developed sweetness and body.

Wave Flat

*Notably muted flavors and overall lighter body.

Interestingly the TDS between each set were very close (~.02%).

This is to be expected as the Wave Pointy configuration has a higher solid surface-to-filter paper ratio that increases the conductive efficiency between the filter and dripper. Also, the taller water level per pulse lends to the increased drain rate on the Wave Pointy. 

So how does the wave pointy compare to a standard Conical Filter? That would be an apples to oranges comparison as the variety of conical filters can vastly influence the brew dynamics independent of the reduced solid surface-to-filter ratio of a conical.

Which configuration or filter combo do you enjoy with your origami dripper?

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