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Kalita 155 and Flat Filters Pt.2 with the Negotiator

Posted by ray murakawa on

Watch the video Here:

I’ve been brewing with various negotiated flat filters - the Orea Circular Flat, Sibarist Flat, and Rinsed Wave Flat filters, with my standard recipe which is a 19:1 “BK5s5sMD55” [Bare Kettle 5x Coffee Mass and Stick Probe, 5x Coffee Mass and Stick Probe, Melodrip 5x Coffee Mass, Melodrip 5x Coffee Mass TBT ~5min], ground very fine which yields a cup profile that is slightly stronger in acidity and sweetness when tasting side by side brews.

Cups using the Negotiated Wave would sometimes extract .5% higher E.Y. with slightly longer (up to +2 min) total brew time, while other cups in the testing had lower E.Y. and brew times, but still managed to express a brighter profile. If you have a negotiator and some wave filters I’d comparing or atleast trying some brews using a flattened wave filter with or without the negotiator.

If you want a negotiator in the US, I got mine from:


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