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Melodrip Pour Over Coffee Tool 'GHOST GREY ' Handle

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Dish Color - Clear or Grey

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Melodrip Pourover Coffee Tool 'Ghost Grey' Handle

Melodrip produces consistently extracted pour over coffee with less bitterness and enhanced flavor clarity.

Melodrip's shower prevents agitation, keeping the coffee bed optimally intact throughout the pour and maximizing flavor extraction.

The Melodrip keeps coffee dust (fines) from flowing out of the paper filter and reduces clogging, similar to brewing with a low-fines professional grinder.

The precision shower buffers your kettle pour, so pours are always optimized for achieving the perfect brew every time.

Martin Wölfl Austria World Brewers Cup Champion 2024 using Melodrip Tech

Elika Liftee Onyx Coffee Lab USA, World Brewers Cup Championship 2022 Runner Up using Melodrip Tech

Wataru Iidaka, Saza Coffee Japan World Brewers Cup Champion Runner Up 2024 using Melodrip Tech


"I was very surprised at what a difference this makes. Smoothes things out and makes flavors more robust at the same time. Very happy with the purchase. I would recommend this to any coffee geek who wants to level up their pour over game." - Scotty G ★★★★★

"The result is amazing! Cleaner, no sign of drying and a lingering finish!" - Maxa B ★★★★★

"This tiny handheld tool punches way above its weight class and lends a level of clarity and sweetness in each cup that bare kettle pours only manage to dance around." - Taki M ★★★★★

"Melodrip is a great tool to compensate the unreliable pouring with consistent pours through its showerhead like dish" - Emma A ★★★★★ 

"Melodrip has become my new favorite coffee accessory. It helps control the pour so much and leads to an incredibly clean and sweet cup of coffee." - Vanessa L ★★★★★

"I can’t see myself making a pour over without using the melodrip. The difference it makes in the cup is incredible. Clean flavors with a consistent result everytime." - Yorus O ★★★★★

"I was very surprised at what a difference this makes. Smoothes things out and makes flavors more robust at the same time. Very happy with the purchase. I would recommend this to any coffee geek who wants to level up their pour over game." - Priscilla N ★★★★★

"I love using this tool for my pour over. It's made a huge positive change in the taste and quality of my coffee since I got it. If you love coffee and care about making it the best you can at home, definitely purchase this!" - Van S ★★★★★

"It works very well. It will reduce the agitation while pouring water into the coffee bed. Your standard recipes will need to change because the extraction comes from only the hot water and grind size. Since the coffee bed isn’t churning with each pour, you may need to grind finer since your dripper (V60, Kalita, Stagg X, etc…) will drain quicker due to reduced agitation. It works very well, it’s very cool to see absolutely clear water above the bed since there is no churning going on." - Alan G ★★★★★

"Second only to a high quality grinder, the Melodrip has quickly become the most important component of my coffee brewing routine. Nothing else has given me near the control of speed and flow that I’m able to achieve with this thing, and my coffee has been substantially – and consistently – more delicious since adding this to my extensive collection of nerdy coffee tools. I have several other pouring pitchers and shower heads, and while they’re OK, none of them has proven to be near as useful or effective as the Melodrip." - Wayne S ★★★★★

"The Melodrip has become an indispensable tool that I use everyday for pour over coffee mainly with the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave. It extracts much more flavor producing a far superior quality cup. Highly recommended." - Isaac M ★★★★★

"I'm not sure I even used it 100% correctly and still the coffee tasted a lot better with no discernible astringent taste. I thought I was going over the top buying this but now I look forward to the next cup!" Dennis F ★★★★★

What's Included?

1 Melodrip Pour Over Tool

1 Melodrip Glass Stir Stick

*International Orders Include 1 Extra Stir Stick

Compatible With:

Cafec Flower Dripper, Hario V60 01 / 02, Kalita Wave 155 / 185, Chemex, Aeropress, Most Conical and Flat Bottom Pour Over Coffee Drippers.

Product Details


machined 304 stainless steel//knurled for optimal handling//bent to maximize visual clearance. 38.2g

Melodrip Dish

BPA Free Eastman Tritan TX1001 11.8g


Perfectly sized borosilicate glass stirring stick. We've tried almost every size out there, and this one is optimized for eliminating dry clumping and evenly saturating without agitating the coffee slurry. 6mmx150mm Borosilicate Stick 10.7g