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Coffee extraction is built on variables that are interdependent.  Agitation is important for exposing inter-particle surface areas to lower concentration water.  Agitation is also the primary means of distributing heat and hydration efficiently.  On the flipside, agitation also increases the rate at which the filter paper reaches its load capacity, thus effecting flow-rates and time.  These variables are only a small piece of what happens during every pour.  

We cannot fully understand control without understanding these interdependencies and how to isolate them to the best of our abilities.

Knowledge is one of the reasons why I developed melodrip.  By understanding every cause and effect independently and interdependently, we can isolate how each of our decisions effect extraction.  The goal is to organize these learnings into an internal knowledge tree where every issue can be easily traced back to a specific root action or condition for smarter troubleshooting and intentional product development and design.

Whether we make a tool to control temperature or a device that produces a beverage, every product will be designed and developed to empower the user with a specific ability.  'Solutions to Problems' can be subjective and can vary in relevance depending on circumstance and application, so this is never the true objective of our products.  We are only interested in offering people specialized abilities that are otherwise unobtainable through reasonable means.

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