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Best Pour Over Filter Paper - Cafec White - Small Size -Flower Origami V60

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Best Pour Over Filter Paper - Cafec White - Small Size -Flower Origami V60 "Small 01 Size"


Legendary Green Bag FIlters.

The Cafec Japan Traditional White Filter Papers are simply the best I've ever used. These fit all 60 degree conical drippers such as Cafec Flower, Hario V60, Origami, Kono, large and small, and are perfect for single serve 15g-20g dose brews. I prefer this size since they generate 30% less paper waste compared to larger "standard" sized paper filters.
There's also a little industry secret - If you are a fan of the legendary "Tabless" filters, you'll love these because they are the same exact filter! 
Cafec is the original supplier of the tabless filters and continue to manufacture and package in 100 sheets under the Cafec Japan brand .

What's Special?

Champion Flow - Designed with pronounced crepe ridges on both the inside and outside surface allows for a higher fine particle loading capacity that keeps your filter from clogging regardless of grind quality. The crepes also maximize airflow between the dripper walls and filter paper so your flowrate remain consistent throughout the brewing process.
Flavor Balanced - When coupled with the Flower Pourover Dripper, sweetness, body, and aromatics are well developed and consistently extracted from cup to cup.
The Right Speed - I've tested a dozen different conical filters against these for endurance (Total Brew Time with various grinds and multi pulse bare kettle and MD recipes) and they maintain a consistent flowrate across various grind sizes compared to the competition.
Competition Proven - Japan Brewers Cup and Hand Drip Champion Daiki Hatakeyama along with countless other brewers cup competitors across the world trust Cafec filter papers on stage under the strictest conditions and most discriminating judges, and win!
No Smell Here - They have virtually no perceivable paper odor in the cup so they do not require pre-rinsing to remove paper taste.