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Melodrip Recipe for Conical Drippers Cafec Flower/Hario V60/Timemore Crystal Eye/Kinto Brewer)

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Melodrip Recipe C | Controlled Agitation Method

What You'll Need

Brewer: Cafec Flower/Traditional White Filters
Temperature: Few degrees higher than your usual setting.
Grind: A notch finer than your usual setting.
Dose: 18g and Above.
Water: 18:1
Time: 3:30-4:00

Prep It!

Pre-rinse bleached white filter. Place the nelodrip glass stick inside the dripper, dose coffee (20g), and spiral spin to create a kubomi.

Brew It!

Bloom: Bare kettle pour 3x coffee mass (60ml).Inspect Bloom: Using the melodrip stick, gently inspect the slurry for dry pockets spiraling from the lowest point, up the inner wall, then spiraling back down. Break apart and loosen any resistance to accelerate saturation. Wait until all movement has subsided.Pulse 1: Melodrip pulse 3x coffee mass (60ml). Repeat previous stick inspection to release residual Co2.Subsequent Pulses: Melodrip pulse 3x coffee mass, hovering around the slurry to maximize coverage. When water level lowers right above the slurry, repeat melodrip these pulses until desired input (360ml).

Additional Notes

The controlled agitation methodology utilizes traditional bare kettle and controlled agitation pours along with manual agitation to accomplish three things: 1) To maximize total percolation time through a stable slurry vs the partial percolation that occurs while particles are suspended from bare kettle turbulence. 2) Keep the water level above the slurry at a consistent and relatively low height per pour to minimize surface runoff of water. 3) Minimize suspended fine particles that discharge through the filter paper to deliver flavor clarity and maintain the flow-endurance of the filter throughout the duration of the brew. A properly executed MD brew should yield a 23-25% Extraction yield with extreme sweetness and flavor clarity.

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